I have always been passionate about the wonderful things which chemistry has produced, and sought to communicate my enthusiasm to the world at large. Like most people I want to understand how the world works, and I realise that many explanations are to be found in knowing how molecules behave. I also believe that what people don't understand may lead them to accepting un-scientific explanations offered by groups of people with hidden motives. So we get people alarmed by 'chemicals' and believing the ills of the world stem from them. No doubt some are guilty, but others have been wrongly charged and have been wrongly condemned.

Picture of a ChemistThe Chemist Speaks
It should be the duty of every chemist to communicate what they have discovered, or what they are working on, in plain and engaging language.

Much of my writing has been to challenge misconceptions and replace them with a clearer understanding. To do this I have often introduced a humorous note into my writings believing that this helps get my message through.


These are a collection of wordsearch puzzles in which are hidden the names of various chemical elements. They can be read up, down, or diagonally but always in a straight line. Names can also be read from left to right or right to left, top downwards or bottom upwards. The initial letters of these elements will then spell out another word to which a clue will be given.


These are a collection of articles about the history of chemistry.