by John Emsley

This is my second e-book and again it's a novel, and again I'm using it to explain what some of the chemicals we use in everyday life are meant to do.

It's about a would-be journalist, Alex Lane, who gets a job producing a newsletter for a chemical company which manufactures various own-label products for supermarkets. Its chief executive, Max Essex, has plans for it to be launched on the London stock market, and by so doing make himself very rich. To this end he wants it to manufacture its own-brand products and to do this as quickly and cheaply as possible.

The gap between what is actually happening in the laboratories and workplace of the factory, and what Alex must write about in the newsletter, widens with every issue and the newsletters are reproduced in this book. Along the way, Alex discovers just what goes into their various products, including one that he tries on himself with interesting results. But can he continue to spin the web of half-truths which appears to be necessary if the launch is to be successful? And why does his newsletter eventually cause the workers to rebel?

  • Published: 2013
  • Publisher: Publicola Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-0-95722771-2
Cover of The NewsletterDid you know?

Each chapter ends with that month's edition of the newsletter, including puzzle corner and it's own version of "Did you know?".

You can purchase a copy of The Newsletter from Amazon, as a Kindle version.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1. April
  • Chapter 2. May
  • Chapter 3. June
  • Chapter 4. July
  • Chapter 5. August
  • Chapter 6. September
  • Chapter 7. October
  • Chapter 8. November
  • Chapter 9. December
  • Chapter 10. January
  • Chapter 11. February
  • Chapter 12. March
  • Chapter 13. April
  • Epilogue